The place we all feel most ”At Home” in our houses is our bedroom and the reason is simple; it is our personal haven and we strive to make it conducive.

We all have beds (or some sort of sleeping thing) in our rooms so there wont be any need to include it. Below are some really cool items listed.



  • ACCENT CHAIR:accent chair Every room whether large or medium needs a sort of accentuating item to enhance the look and feel of the room. Accent chair, a single large fluffy chair for snuggle.


  • OTTOMAN:ottoman What are you doing if you don’t have one or two ottoman in your room? Your room should have at least one ottoman to support the accent chair by the corner. Placing it in the center gives your room a warm feeling. It can work as a side stool for the accent chair and if you get a good one like this one from our store, it can also work as storage for storing things in the room.


  • LAMP:wall lamp Good lighting is underrated in the room because a lot people assume since its a bedroom, the only necessary lighting is dim ones, that is a very wrong assumption! As much as dim lightening is advised, it should not override better light. You need bright light too even if its beside the bed for reading. Make sure to invest in a good lamp for your room. Stop straining your eyes when trying to read or sew.


  • DRESSING TABLE:Dressing Table I know at this point in the post you’re probably thinking how a man’s room doesn’t need a dresser and blah blah blah but, think of it as a something you can use for keeping your intimate and gross items safe. For example, perfumes and underwear.


  • ARTWall Arts for bedroom The last but not the least of essential things for your room is definitely art. I’m sure lots of people would say they know nothing about art. Some would say they like it. Well, any category you find yourself, be sure to know that art is a wonderful item in the room. In this case though, wall art is the type of art I am referring to. You need something to constantly look at. Something to motivate you. Get a wall art.

Please feel free to send in your suggestions to our social media platforms about what makes your room your comfort zone and how you arranged it to make it so.

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