A drink set me on this path…

A drink set me on this path…

Musings…Sometimes you wake up with a plan and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you wonder that you have things all figured out and sometimes it all looks like a joke.

Yesterday morning as I drank my Green-Tea and listened to Kendrick’s “the blacker the berry”, I couldn’t have known that 6hours, serious gossip & 2 cocktails later, I’d be calling my EX and literally wishing to go back to a life I should be stronger than already. Well, that’s  how life rolls. One day you are the shark of the ocean and the next day you could feel like the shrimp.

As humans, we are bound to have momentary lapse of reasoning. Periods when we ultimately give in to the desires of our hearts. Moments when we really can’t hold on and we break walls we spent time putting up. And this can happen in any aspect of our lives; in our finances, our emotions, businesses, or our spiritual lives.

I had plans to write a very in-depth introductory post but none of my drafts seemed to make sense so here’s my welcome speech.

Here is where is lay bare all the abysmal thoughts that pass through my mind on a daily. Wouldn’t be a typical blog post from time to time.

Here is an encouragement to let go of the thoughts of  “oh I shouldn’t have done that!” and don’t let it steal the joy of a new day!



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