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Ever wondered why some individuals find it difficult to leave an abusive relationship? The answer is simple!

They can’t leave not because they enjoy being abused or they are weak but simply because of the fear of the unknown! The fear of “what if i leave now and i meet a worse fate?” They repeatedly console themselves with “it will end soon” and sadly, it doesn’t.

This is exactly how some of us feel when faced with the challenge of CHANGE or TRANSITION as the case may be. We see moving away from our usual way of doing things as daunting and therefore, we do not really wanna have anything to do with it. We prefer the old way because we have developed a routine and this routine has grown to be a part of who we are (sometimes defining us).

Change or transition is not easy…

Change or Transition in this article is referring to our homes and the decors we have. Even though it is exciting sometimes planning out how we want the looks of things to be, it is not always easy transitioning to that look. We find ourselves thinking really hard if we should actually throw out that old rickety bamboo-made rocker that grandma left behind. Sometimes it is the living room 90s shelve we can’t seem to throw out.

But in all, we need to understand that, to move forward we need everything else in our lives to be upward mobile and that includes Yes! That old furniture! The old bathroom cracked mirror! That faded curtain! Whatever it is needs to go. And fast!

To make the transition period easy for you, just take a deep breath and kick them out while allowing in the beautiful urban designs in the market (whatever rocks your boat honey!💖) let positive envelope you and your entire household.


Have a fruity week ahead!

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