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In recent studies, it has been proven that what we see on a regular basis for a period of time can begin to take roots in our mind forcing us to believe it. Sometimes in the past, the pastor of my church when teaching us about vision told us to write it down and place it somewhere we can always see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, according to him, seeing it every time helps us to remember what our plans are and how much it is important that we achieve them. A lot of motivational writers too have said similar things.

Apart from all this, our minds remember more of what is seen than what is said. When we see a red car drive past, whenever there’s a reference to a red car, our mind flashes back to the red car that zoomed past us sometimes back, this happens involuntarily, we have absolutely no control over it, it just happens. That is why visual content sell more because people wanna see what you are saying, they wanna feel it even if they can’t touch it physically.

The types…

There are different kinds of wall arts.

  • Pictures
  • Artworks
  • Sculptures
  • Wordings

Pictures are the regular portraits that we hang on our walls, the family picture hung in the living room mantle place, the wedding picture hung above the television and so on. These are normal regular items we put on our walls to beautify and tell a story.

part art

Artworks are those beautiful piece of art we purchase from art shops or directly from artistes or painters. They are either original pieces or the regular artwork done on a regular day. They show our artistic side to guests which is totally fine.

multicolor wall artstripe wall art

Sculptures are those pieces of art that were made to look like something. They are mostly carved or beaten. They are beautiful too if you understand art.

Wordings are those wall arts that are very different from the above because they are words strung together to either make fun, encourage or make one reflect. They are either simple or elaborate.

creative wall art

All these wall arts are good. They can either motivate you or remind you of a time past. They can walk you down memory lane as well as give you hope for the future. Whatever you choose at the end, remember to choose it for yourself and strive to derive total joy from it. Remember, your mind remembers what it sees often so feed it with the right content….Always!



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